One national political party seem ever willing to charade for corruption and gross inefficiency is the All People’s Congress (APC). This is not unexpected, considering their presence in our nooks and crannies and the highly visible profile of President Koroma in our polity as their Leader and Chairman, plus the injustice inherent in our polity (with the APC as the primary contact of the ordinary citizen with the injustice).

Time without numbers, however, when faced with evidence of corruption in their midst, the All People’s Congress has remarkably acted with dispatch and briskness, as exhibited in the dismissal of their Chinese personnel recently caught on camera openly infiltrating in our national politics.

When Chinese men directly get involved in Sierra Leone politics, realising that the game is up, they go for our minerals on all fronts.

The same can be said of other segments of our polity under President Koroma’s Presidency, Chairman and Leader of the All People’s Congress. When professionals, the Lawyers, Medical personnel, politicians and our ‘almighty’ civil/public servants (or more appropriately ‘masters’). When these others are caught red-handed with their hands deep in the public till or intermeshed in acts of corruption, all hell is let loose. Not only is no one punished, but the society is forced to undergo worthless charades in the guise of an unending legal process which will gradually fade away when public attention is deviated by yet another large-scale crime by another ‘high-brow’ thief.

Rather than accept responsibility for their misconduct when the Deputy Chinese Ambassador in Sierra Leone claimed they are building the new APC office in Freetown, senior APC officials caught corresponding illicitly with counsels and party elders in matters before the Political Parties Registration Commission opted to throw up tantrums, accusing everyone else, inclusive of genuine whistle blowers of the State that they are liars; rather than go and bury their heads in shame, we saw criminals who openly violated the laws they are to respect as national stakeholders, engaged the country’s Political Parties Registration Commission in an endless hide-and-seek game. Today, rather than go out in peace to rally as per our legal books, public servants who stole criminally converted their agencies pension funds placed in their custody, Politicians who loot public treasury resort to age-old ethnic sloganeering to maintain a stranglehold on our collective psyche – in one sickening instance, they have tolerated Chinese rogues right in to our political system.

The willingness of the generality of the populace to accommodate, and often times glamorise corrupt public office holders will be our undoing as a society. When we do not look upon corrupt persons with the disdain and scorn they deserve, we only, wittingly or unwittingly, encourage corruption. We actually become accomplices to the crime of corruption when we condone corrupt persons in our midst.

We do not have to look far to see the dire consequences of our complicity in corruption in our lives, our environment, our polity.

We have a choice; we can continue to condone and thereby participate in corruption and continue to exist (not live, because where corruption thrives, people only exist) in it’s after effects or simply say ‘No’ to it, individually resolving not to be accomplices to corruption.



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