APC Chinese

For hundreds of years, Sierra Leonean born denizens of Lebanese descent have been callously deprived of their rights as citizens of Sierra Leone by racist laws deliberately inserted in our constitution. That in spite of the fact that many of this affected group have and continue to contribute significantly to our country.
In fact, even our national anthem was written by a Sierra Leonean man of Lebanese origins, John Akar.

The Lebanese have suffered unfairly as a result of being cynically used as the fall guys in a national socio-economic plunge that is really the responsibility of an irresponsible chain of governments since independence. Instead of taking concrete steps to address this continuing racist arrangement, the APC government is busy planting further seeds of a potentially very unpredictable kind.

After selling endless stretches of our lands to the Chinese for peanuts, we have become so awfully cut-off that right now one cannot even travel outside of our capital city, Freetown, without paying taxes to the Chinese in the name of a “toll” for a road they did not really make. And just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, now this:
we see the Chinese (who have built a seven-story mansion for the APC party and brought in hundreds of customised motorbikes and other electioneering items) now wearing APC party t-shirts and menacingly marching on our streets, just a few weeks to a very crucial presidential and general elections.

How come this APC can stand up and boldly BAN born Sierra Leoneans from participating in the politics of their own country simply because they have “dual citizenship” yet they are brave enough to dare to dress Chinese people and directly inject them into our national politics?

This is an outrage beyond measure!

Do we have any credibility in this election? Someone, please assure me, because we only have DEMOCRACY as our option and we wouldn’t like to see that taken away from us.


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