Do We Really Deserve this Quality of Currency?

    Sierra Leone Money

    The Leone, according to the latest report published by the World Bank, is the seventh most worthless national currency in the world!

    All this mess has been created by years of bad governance, monumental corruption, mediocrity, poor leadership and endless acts of sabotage and misanthropism!

    Today corruption has defecated all over the country leaving it in total squalor!

    More than 70% of the population, according to the UNDP, live below the poverty line.

    Sierra Leone is Africa’s most vulnerable country. In effect, the whole state is on a life support machine and depends wholly and solely on clarity aid for her symbolic existence.

    People who don’t feel sorry for the endless number of people dying every day of preventable diseases and hunger are the real enemies of Sierra Leone.

    People who continue to support those responsible for these deplorable conditions are worst than slave masters and terrorists.

    People who don’t feel sorry for the large number of jobless graduates and youths who are roaming about the streets are more stupid and heartless than wild beasts in the forest.

    Sierra Leone is a dysfunctional state that exists only on paper. There is no wonder that our athletes straw away upon getting the slightest opportunity to represent the country abroad.

    But all these politicians masquerading like demigods will soon end up as ordinary “mormors”!



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