Sam Sumana storms the Centre of Freetown

    Sam Sumana

    Well-wishers, friends, and supporters of Sam Sumana were taken by surprise when the constitutional legend made his way through the packed streets.

    Yes, Sam is still popular. In fact, his political party is one set to upset the APC Party.

    The truth is, C4C, NGC and PMDC should and must come together. This is our dream and the only opportunity to fight ethnic and regionalism that has marked our politics and corrupt and lawless APC government

    I realised the problem is who should lead the Alliance? I will, therefore, lay the truth for Sam Sumana, Kandeh Yumkella and Charles Margai. Supporters of these three gentlemen, share this fact with them and swallow the bitter pill
    and help our country

    Who should lead the Grand Alliance?

    Charles Margai He is a fine legal brain, strategist and a man with long-time ambition to lead Sierra Leone. You may not like him for some political decisions he has taken before especially by bringing in the current criminals in political robes. He is also the elder one among the trio. Honestly speaking, he has served this country but the truth about C F Margai is, his political base is weakened and his presence in the Alliance is relevant but should be limited to the Chairman and the Chief Strategist. Every political season has its own icon, so if C F. Margai is to help the current situation, he should step aside and the same way he allowed Bai Koroma for change, the same way I will urge him to support one of his younger brothers to uproot these political bandits sitting in State House and in our cabinet. Gospel truth.

    Dr. Kandeh Yumkella He is the candidate with much surprises. He has proven to be a leader from his social fight through SLPP to NGC. If you don’t like Kandeh, applaud him for his consistencies and his public speaking and the will to drive his dream. He has support from the US to Kycheon Chiefdom. Meanwhile, a lot more currently questioning his ability to exercise patience. Patient indeed is a virtue Kandeh needs to be told that truth. I know Kandeh wants to be President yes, he should but in the face of this poverty driven country, tribalism, debunism, it would be difficult to win this election with NGC. If supporters want the honest truth and want to continue to see Kandeh in the realm of things, encourage him to merge and take this Alliance seriously. This is Africa, it is better to fight election injustice before the polls than after the polls My best guess is, there is no law in Sierra Leone that bars two Muslims to be President. Kandeh should accept political reality and take the second man position to Sam Sumana.

    Sam Sumana The biggest allegation against him is that he was part of the same system that has brought this country to its knees. Second, some even especially the poor see him as a reach man and therefore has no business in politics.
    But I will say this, emotionally, he is settled to lead the Alliance. As former Vice President, leadership is something he knows than Kandeh and Margai. He is internationally credited for fighting a just course. His political image is well built and it is easy to campaign the layman to lead the Alliance for a better change.

    With Sam Sumana and Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, APC will give way with 100% certainty that change is unstoppable. The ECOWAS Court Ruling is a clear pointer that Sam Sumana can run the state even when under pressure. Remember his Patience then when they termed him as Mumu Vice President to his stay until that verdict. This is how you know a good leader. So if you are truthful, he is the NATURAL LEADER OF THE ALLIANCE

    If supporters of NGC, C4C, and PMDC see and don’t share this piece, then they are not ready for a change. They may be serving their pockets, not their conscience. The truth is, this Mende and Temne by extension APC and SLPP sickness is what real progressives like me don’t want anymore but is Yumkella and his supporters listening to the national sound for a change?

    Sam, Charles, and Yumkella beware of idles of March. Unity is strength and your strength in this election is unity. Once you unite, the whole country would be united behind you. Fact…….

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