APC’s Search for a Running Mate: Ensuring Fairness and Transparency in the Selection Process Amidst Ongoing Trial of Samura Kamara 

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APC's Search for a Running Mate: Ensuring Fairness and Transparency in the Selection Process Amidst Ongoing Trial of Samura Kamara 

APC’s Search for a Running Mate: Ensuring Fairness and Transparency in the Selection Process Amidst the Ongoing Trial of Samura Kamara.

By Bhai Dhawa Sesay; March 2, 2023.

When a political party’s presidential candidate chooses a running mate, they have to think carefully about several factors. These include the rule of law, how reliable the candidates are, and whether they might have hidden agendas or be rude. The All People’s Congress (APC) in Sierra Leone is currently choosing a running mate, which is crucial because Samura Kamara is currently being tried and might be removed from the race.

It is crucial for the party to choose a candidate who competed for the position of flag-bearer during the convention in order to guarantee a fair and open process. This will make sure that the party stays true to its commitment to democratic and legal values and that the running mate chosen is a reliable and trustworthy person.

In the selection process, each candidate’s credentials, history, and fit with the presidential candidate’s platform and goals should be carefully looked at.

In the end, a campaign’s success comes down to choosing a running mate who can improve the presidential candidate’s skills, appeal to a wide range of voters, and help win the election.

When choosing a running mate for the All People’s Congress (APC), the following things could be done:

  1. Choose the criteria: 

The APC may look for someone with a strong history of public service, possibly in the government or in civil society, in terms of experience and credentials. The party might also look at a candidate’s education and work history, as well as any relevant skills in the legal, business, or other fields.

The region could also be a factor since the party might want a running mate who can help them get more support in certain parts of the country. The party may also think about how well the running mate fits with the presidential candidate’s platform and personality, as well as how well ethnicity and gender are represented.

  1. Research Potential Candidates:

The party may consider people who have held executive positions in the past or who have held other leadership positions, as well as people who have shown leadership in business, academia, or civil society organizations. Together with candidates who are well-liked by the wider populace, the APC may also seek candidates who have a significant base of support within the party.

  1. The Political Environment:

The APC might also think about the political situation in Sierra Leone, especially the most important problems and difficulties the country is facing right now, as well as the voters’ top priorities.

The party may want to choose someone who can help tackle some of the critical problems the nation is currently facing, such as poverty, unemployment, and corruption. The party may also wish to select a running mate who can win over a variety of voters and broaden their base of support.

  1. Consult with Advisors:

To gather their opinions on potential running mates and their potential influence on the campaign, the APC presidential candidate may consult with advisors, including political strategists, party officials, and other trusted experts.

These advisers might give useful information about the pros and cons of possible running mates and how they might appeal to certain groups of voters.

  1. Interview and Screen Candidates:

The APC may interview prospective candidates to learn more about them and see whether their policies and the presidential candidates are a good fit. The party may also investigate each candidate’s background, financial situation, and potential liabilities.

The party could want to make sure the running mate is free of controversies and other potential liabilities that could harm the campaign.

  1. Make a Choice: 

After considering the criteria, research, consultations, and vetting process, the APC should finally decide. The presidential candidate should pick a running mate who can strengthen them, counteract their weaknesses, and aid in their electoral success.


To choose a running mate for the All People’s Congress (APC) presidential candidate, criteria must be set, potential candidates must be researched, the political climate must be taken into account, advisors must be consulted, candidates must be interviewed and screened, and a decision must be made. When making this choice, the party must pay close attention to the rule of law, the dependability of the candidates, and any possibility of untruthfulness or hidden objectives.

Considering Samura Kamara’s ongoing prosecution, the APC must choose a running mate who ran for flag bearer at the convention. This will show how committed they are to democracy and fairness. The likelihood that the party will win the election will increase, as will the party’s commitment to democratic values and a thorough and transparent selection process for a qualified candidate.


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