Empowering the Youth: A Comparative Analysis of the SLPP’s 2018 Manifesto and Achievements

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Empowering the Youth: A Comparative Analysis of the SLPP’s 2018 Manifesto and Achievements

Empowering the Youth: A Comparative Analysis of the SLPP’s 2018 Manifesto and Achievements

By the Sierra Leone Live Team

Welcome to our comprehensive comparative analysis focused on ‘Empowering the Youth’, a significant commitment made by the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in its 2018 manifesto, titled ‘New Direction’. The analysis we present today aims to shed light on the degree to which the party has fulfilled its promises over the past five years, with a particular emphasis on youth empowerment strategies and initiatives.

To make this a participatory exercise, Sierra Leone Live will provide 25 important questions alongside this analysis. These questions will serve as a guide and a tool for you, the citizens of Sierra Leone, to better assess and understand the progress, or lack thereof, made by the government in relation to its 2018 manifesto commitments.

We encourage you to critically engage with these questions and this analysis in order to gain a clearer picture of the SLPP’s performance. Your active participation and informed opinion matter for the continued growth and prosperity of Sierra Leone.

  1. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

Manifesto: The manifesto proposed providing technical skills to the youth in the job market.

Achievement: The report of achievements after 5 years shows that over 2000 youths were trained through the Youth Service Schemes and thousands more in various trades and skills. It also includes the training of over 200 young people in tractor operations and basic maintenance.

National Youth Scheme

Manifesto: The manifesto outlined plans to review and support the implementation of the National Youth Service by promoting internships and public-private partnerships.

Achievement: The achievement report shows that over 2000 youth were trained through the Youth Service Schemes, showing the implementation of this plan. However, there’s no specific mention of the review process, internships, or public-private partnerships.

Economic Empowerment

Manifesto: The manifesto proposed establishing a special Youth Empowerment Fund and promoting youth engagement in agriculture.

Achievement: The achievements report shows that 411 young entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19 were supported with a stimulus grant and that several youth-led organizations were established, which corresponds with the plan for economic empowerment. There’s evidence of youth engagement in agriculture with the creation of 190 Chiefdom Youth Farms. However, there’s no mention of a specific Youth Empowerment Fund.

Public Works

Manifesto: The manifesto aimed to create jobs for the youth in housing and public works, with a focus on training and implementing national housing programs.

Achievement: The achievements report does not provide specific evidence of progress in this area. It mentions the establishment of 28 carwash centres across the country, which may fall under public works, but there’s no reference to housing construction or urban renewal programmes.

Music and Performing Arts

Manifesto: The manifesto had goals to review and enforce copyright laws, establish institutions for music, film, and video production training, promote Sierra Leonean music nationally and internationally, and establish an Arts Gallery and Theatre for Performing Arts.

Achievement: There are no mentions of achievements in this area in the provided report.


Manifesto: The manifesto outlined plans to review sports development policy, increase budgetary support for sporting activities, establish a Sports Development Fund, build standard stadium facilities, and reactivate school and community sporting activities.

Achievement: Please see the sports report for details in this area.

The Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) made progress on its 2018 manifesto goals, particularly in the areas of vocational training and economic empowerment for the youth. However, progress is less clear or lacking in public works, music, and the performing arts. Please note that this is based on the documents and may not fully represent the whole spectrum of their achievements.

As we conclude this analysis, we would like to express our gratitude to all the citizens of Sierra Leone who have taken the time to look into the survey and review the comparison between the SLPP’s 2018 manifesto and the achievements over the past five years. Your interest and participation in such an evaluation process not only strengthen our democracy but also helps in holding our elected officials accountable.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that our current collective engagement will determine our collective future. Stay tuned for the 25 questions that Sierra Leone Live will provide in a separate post, intended to further the dialogue and critical thinking around these issues.

Thank you, and we look forward to continuing to serve as a reliable platform for political analysis, data, and citizen engagement.

Here are the 25 Questions

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