Evaluating Promises: 25 Critical Questions on the SLPP’s Manifesto Commitments to Develop Sierra Leone’s Private Sector

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Evaluating Promises: 25 Critical Questions on the SLPP's Manifesto Commitments to Develop Sierra Leone's Private Sector

Evaluating Promises: 25 Critical Questions on the SLPP’s Manifesto Commitments to Develop Sierra Leone’s Private Sector

By the Sierra Leone Live Team

In 2018, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) presented to us a vision, a “New Direction,” focusing on elevating the private sector and bringing prosperity to our nation. As engaged citizens, it is crucial for us to assess the progress made in achieving the promises laid out in this manifesto.

To facilitate this, we have created a list of 25 questions, carefully crafted to cover each area the SLPP promised to address in their manifesto. These questions seek to examine whether the actions taken over the past five years align with the promises made. Each question corresponds directly to a particular promise, helping us discern how far we have come and where we stand today.

Remember, your involvement helps to shape the future of our nation. By answering these questions, you are contributing to the greater narrative of Sierra Leone, ensuring our leaders are held accountable and our governance remains transparent and answerable.

 Increasing Access to Finance “Introduce a partial guarantee scheme to provide loans to high potential private sector entities in order to reduce the cost of finance for investment.”

  1. Was a partial guarantee scheme introduced to aid private sector entities?
  2. Were the regulatory frameworks for microfinance institutions reviewed and strengthened?
  3. Has there been an expansion of mobile technology to improve access to credit and repayment?
  4. Were National Development Banks re-established to provide equity capital for Sierra Leonean in businesses?
  5. Was a fund established to provide access to medium and long-term capital to support SMEs?

Reducing the Cost and Risk of Doing Business “Review all policies and laws governing business and update them in line with best practice”

  1. Were all policies and laws governing business reviewed and updated?
  2. Were regulatory reforms broadened and deepened in areas like labour laws and property registration?
  3. Was the legal and regulatory framework governing business modernised?
  4. Was the investment climate deregulated to boost investment and private sector development?
  5. Was a One-Stop-Shop established that reduces business registration from 10 days to 2/3 days?
  6. Was a land policy implemented to ease leasing, ownership, and disposal of land?
  7. Were licensing procedures reviewed and the number of municipal licenses reduced?

Promoting Local Entrepreneurship “Establish a Presidential Initiative on local entrepreneurship and social enterprise”

  1. Was a Presidential Initiative for local entrepreneurship and social enterprise established?
  2. Has there been continued support for business plan competitions to reward innovative Sierra Leoneans?
  3. Has entrepreneurial skills training been mainstreamed and institutionalised at tertiary education levels and business organisations?
  4. Was the Local Content Act reviewed and implemented to give preference to Sierra Leoneans in the award of contracts and employment?
  5. Were fiscal incentives withdrawn from companies that do not comply with employment and local content laws?
  6. Were policies and laws relating to SMEs reviewed?

Capacity Building “Enhance Government’s capacity in viable project identification and appraisals, trade negotiations through technical assistance to the Ministry of Trade and Industry”

  1. Has the government enhanced its capacity for viable project identification, appraisals, and trade negotiations?
  2. Was a forum created for constantly engaging the private sector, especially through Chambers of Commerce?
  3. Was the Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SLIEPA) strengthened?

Developing the Infrastructure “Develop a framework to ensure that prioritisation of roads is based on investment potential of particular areas”

  1. Was a framework developed to ensure that prioritisation of roads is based on investment potential?
  2. Was the electricity supply in Freetown and all district capitals improved?
  3. Was a special industrial zone re-established outside Freetown with an uninterrupted power supply, water, and communications to attract investment?
  4. How effective has the Sierra Leone First Policy been in ensuring priority for Sierra Leoneans in businesses and employment?

Thank you for taking the time to involve yourself in this important process. Your input is invaluable and your dedication to Sierra Leone is clear. Your active participation is not just a service to yourself, but to your fellow citizens and to our nation.

We encourage you to continue engaging in such activities and appreciate your commitment to ensuring the growth and prosperity of Sierra Leone. Together, let us continue to build a better future for our beloved nation.

Thank you once again.



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