IRC,CHRDI, EWSL, and NEC, together with other stakeholders engaged the Kpeje-Bongre and Penguia chiefdoms


The Election Conflict Prevention and Mediation Group (IRC, CHRDI, EWSL), National Electoral Commission (NEC), together with other stakeholders engaged the Kpeje-Bongre and Penguia chiefdoms stakeholders and community members in Kailahun district, Eastern region.
Human rights cement the bond between individuals and promote peaceful coexistence, thereby making societies more resilient. Sustaining peace further promotes a holistic approach integrating all three pillars of the UN’s engagement—human rights, peace, security, and development—so as not only to contain the immediate consequences of conflict but also to prevent the outbreak of violence by addressing the root.
IRC,CHRDI, EWSL, and NEC,Non-prosecution for such violations are often drivers of conflict. Monitoring human rights, therefore, could provide early warning of, and help prevent destabilization of societies. We provide support to political parties, civil society organisations and the community in protecting and promoting human rights, including the equal rights of men and women, while ensuring security. This work includes efforts to improve the protection of human rights in the security sector, to support women’s participation in promoting peace and security, to strengthen democratic institutions and practices, including elections, and to bolster the rule of law.

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