Re-Elect Umaru Napoleon Koroma Esq. For SLPP National Secretary General


By… Anthony Vandy, SLPP PRO on Social Media

When the name Umaru Napoleon Koroma is mentioned anywhere in the midst of young, old, and women of the great SLPP, you will hear all sorts of praises raise by SLPP party Member for this man and his dedication towards the President vision is unquestionable and he is very focused, transparent and genuinely serving the New Direction Government and the Country. Umaru Napoleon Koroma is firmly believes that President Bio’s manifesto promises must be fulfilled in this year of delivery and he has done tremendously well for most Party Member especially the Youths and he is well determine to transform many more life through Community empowerment. He is called the philanthropic. The Astute and most competent National Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party and he is one of the strongest pillar that add somuch value in the New Direction Government. And above all, he is wildly appreciated and loved by the people of his relentless effort to Youths empowerment, Women empowerment and many more.


Hon. Umaru Napoleon Koroma is still fit to maintain the position of National Secretary General for the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). He has the experience to get the party to reach it fullest potential, he’s brave and highly strategic. Hon. Umaru Napoleon Koroma got the zeal and enthusiasm to push the party endeavors, let us try him again and observe his leadership styles.

Giving without expecting!
Empowerment is his agenda

Umaru Napoleon Koroma is just an extraordinary Secretary General that always Support and believe in the ideology of SLPP and also putting Sierra Leoneans first. He deserved to be re-elected as the National Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

Thanks and appreciation to our party vibrant, energetic and hardworking Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party. An enthusiastic and very respectful personality. All I could say here is, I am an admirer of Umaru Napoleon Koroma because of his leadership style is for the New millennium in our modern politics, He’s a visionary leader, creative, innovative, peaceful, respectful, courageous, visualize, bold, outspoken, professional and the most experience.

Vote massively for Umaru Napoleon Koroma in the upcoming SLPP National Delegate Conference

Vote Umaru Napoleon Koroma because he is a smart leader, Charismatic, humble, intelligent, and politically outspoken

For Best National Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party…. Vote Hon. Umaru Napoleon Koroma

Vote Umaru Napoleon Koroma for the Best National Secretary General

Umaru Napoleon Koroma, Loyalty to the SLPP Party and Sierra Leone is Like Lioness With Her Cub!!

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