Sierra Leone Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy: An In-Depth Comparison of the SLPP’s 2018 Manifesto Promises and Achievements in 2023

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Sierra Leone Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy: An In-Depth Comparison of the SLPP's 2018 Manifesto Promises and Achievements in 2023

Sierra Leone Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy: An In-Depth Comparison of the SLPP’s 2018 Manifesto Promises and Achievements in 2023

By the Sierra Leone Live Team

Welcome to our comprehensive comparison of Sierra Leone’s Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy policies outlined in the SLPP’s 2018 New Direction Manifesto with the actual achievements reported after five years in office. Sierra Leone Live is committed to providing citizens with clear and objective information to evaluate the government’s performance against its declared intentions. The political landscape is intricate and often challenging to navigate, and we understand the value of discerning analysis in fostering civic responsibility and accountability.

As part of this initiative, we’ve looked closely at the key goals outlined by the SLPP regarding foreign affairs and diplomacy and measured them against the realities delivered over the past five years. This comparative analysis will serve as a critical tool to find out the extent of alignment between the government’s promises and its delivered outcomes.

Besides our analysis, Sierra Leone Live will also provide 25 carefully designed questions for our readers. These questions, informed by the comparison and analysis we present, aim to prompt further reflection on the SLPP’s performance and to engage citizens in the active evaluation of the government’s track record. By considering these questions, you, the citizens, will be better equipped to make informed decisions on the efficacy and integrity of the government’s work.

  1. Elaboration of a robust foreign policy:
    The achievements report doesn’t specify the creation of a new foreign policy, although some achievements suggest actions that are consistent with a foreign policy focused on expanding Sierra Leone’s global influence (e.g., the opening of new Embassies, securing visa-free travel for diplomats, and the endorsement for a seat in the UN Security Council).
  2. Restructuring the Foreign Ministry:
    A functional management review of the Ministry suggests some restructuring, although the document does not provide specific details on what changes were made or how they reflect the new national policy objectives.
  3. Introduction of professionalism in the Foreign Ministry:
    The establishment of a Foreign Service Academy, which typically serves to train high-quality diplomatic personnel, might reflect an effort toward enhancing professionalism in the Foreign Ministry. However, specific details regarding recruitment or training improvements aren’t outlined.
  4. Evaluation and rehabilitation of foreign embassies:
    The opening of new embassies in strategic locations aligns with this objective. However, the report doesn’t provide explicit information on the evaluation, rehabilitation, or revitalization of existing embassies.
  5. Evaluation and performance criteria for consular personnel:
    This point isn’t directly addressed in the achievements document. The functional management review might include this, but it’s not explicit.
  6. Support for Research and Documentation:
    SLPP did not directly address this point in the achievement document.
  7. Support for language proficiency training:
    SLPP did not directly address this point in the achievement document.
  8. Representation and performance in ECOWAS, AFRICAN UNION, and commitment to international treaties:
    Sierra Leone’s contribution to the growth of the ECOWAS Parliament and endorsement by ECOWAS and the AFRICAN UNION for a seat in the UN Security Council are clear indications of increased representation and performance in these regional bodies.
  9. Commitments to the Commonwealth, the Non-Aligned Movement, the UN, and multilateral organisations:
    The country’s co-sponsorship of a UN resolution, as well as a request for the President of Sierra Leone to co-chair a UN Education session, shows maintained and perhaps strengthened commitments to the UN.
  10. Development of a new policy approach with the European Union post-Brexit:
    The report doesn’t directly address this point.

Additional achievements in the 2023 report not outlined in the 2018 Manifesto include:

  • Securing Visa-Free Travel to certain countries for diplomats and Service Passport holders.
  • Sierra Leone co-sponsored a UN Resolution on Child Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Violence.
  • ECOWAS and the AFRICAN UNION endorsed Sierra Leone for a seat in the non-permanent category of the UN Security Council.
  • Recognition for work in education, including a request for the President to co-chair a UN Education session and an award for the Minister of Education.

While the SLPP seems to have made strides towards its 2018 manifesto goals in foreign affairs and diplomacy, not all original points were directly addressed in the 2023 report. New achievements beyond the original manifesto were recorded.

Our comparison and analysis reveal both alignments and disparities between the SLPP’s 2018 New Direction Manifesto and its reported achievements after five years in office. The landscape of foreign affairs and diplomacy has undeniably evolved over this period, with notable successes and areas requiring further attention.

As Sierra Leone Live, we encourage our readers to reflect on this information and consider the accompanying questions we’ve provided in a separate post. Your engagement is a testament to the vibrant civic spirit of our nation, and your opinions matter in shaping the future course of our beloved Sierra Leone.

Thank you for your time and interest in this endeavor. Together, let us continue to build a more informed and participatory democracy.

Here are the 25 Questions

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