Sierra Leone Live Presents: 25 Critical Questions on SLPP’s Education Manifesto Implementation

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Sierra Leone Live Presents: 25 Critical Questions on SLPP's Education Manifesto Implementation

Sierra Leone Live Presents: 25 Critical Questions on SLPP’s Education Manifesto Implementation

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Dear citizens of Sierra Leone,

As we delve into understanding the progress made in our education sector over the past five years, we believe your insights are invaluable.

You are the lifeblood of our society, and your experiences and perceptions form the bedrock of our collective knowledge.

We have thus prepared a set of 25 questions, divided into five categories, that focus on various aspects of the education sector.

These questions are based on the Sierra Leone People’s Party’s 2018 manifesto, and we seek your candid responses to understand the ground realities better.

The categories are:

1. Education Governance and Financing

2. Education Financing and Management

3. Improving Conditions of Teachers

4. Increasing the number of Qualified Teachers

5. Increasing Access to Quality Education

Your responses will help us evaluate the SLPP’s performance against their manifesto promises and provide a broader perspective on the development of our education sector.

Education Governance

(Manifesto Quote: “The New Direction education policies will focus on education governance and financing…”)

1. Have you observed a shift from the 6-3-4-4 system of education to the 6-3-3-4?

2. Do you believe there is effective implementation of the Free Education Programme for primary and secondary levels?

3. Have you noticed an improvement in education planning, management, monitoring, and coordination?

4. Are you aware of any new National Education Policy and Action Plan?

5. Do you see evidence of a robust policy and legal framework for Public-Private-Partnerships in education?

6. Are NGOs/donors more accountable and integrated into public education programmes now?

Education Financing

(Manifesto Quote: “Increase government budgetary allocation and disbursement from less than 15% to 20% of GDP in line with the Education for All (EFA) target”)

1. Have you noticed an increase in the government’s budgetary allocation to education?

2. Are there signs of improved coordination of interventions by government, donors, and NGOs in education?

3. Do you believe there is better management of resources allocated to the education sector?

Improving Conditions for Teachers

(Manifesto Quote: “In the New Direction, the SLPP will raise the morale and productivity of our teachers.”)

1. Are you aware of any special incentive scheme for Science and French teachers, or those in remote areas and special needs institutions?

2. Have you heard of the BEST TEACHER award being introduced at national and district levels?

3. Do you know of teachers who have benefited from free university education for their children?

4. Have there been functional changes in the Teacher Service Commission that have impacted teachers’ career paths?

Increasing Number of Qualified Teachers

(Manifesto Quote: “Increase the number of Qualified Teachers”)

1. Do you know of any teacher training campuses/colleges established in district capitals?

2. Have you noticed an expansion and improvement in distance learning education for teachers?

3. Are you aware of any program providing free tuition for teacher education?

4. Has there been an introduction or expansion of teaching foreign languages, especially French, in teacher training colleges?

Increasing Access to Quality Education

(Manifesto Quote: “Introduce free quality education from pre-school to senior secondary school”)

1. Is there an evident introduction of free quality education from pre-school to senior secondary school?

2. Have you noticed development in child-friendly schools with recreational facilities, toilet facilities, and safe places in each district?

3. Are you aware of any policy or program to remove the double shift system in schools?

4. Have you noticed an improvement in school bus services in urban towns?

5. Has there been an introduction of functional district libraries equipped with computers and mobile library services?

6. Are you aware of High Schools of Excellence for Science and Technology education being established in all regions?

7. Do you see French being made a core subject in Junior and Senior Secondary Schools?

8. Have you seen an increase in the number of primary, junior secondary, and senior secondary schools in your district or electoral ward as promised in the manifesto?

These questions are designed to gauge the perceptions of Sierra Leoneans on the implementation of the education promises in the SLPP’s 2018 Manifesto.

We sincerely thank you in advance for participating in this survey.

Your insights will play a significant role in the nation’s discourse on education and contribute to our shared journey toward a more inclusive and progressive Sierra Leone.

Thank you for taking the time to assist us in understanding the state of our nation’s education better.

Kind Regards,
Sierra Leone Live Team

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