Thampèreh’s light and fuel crisis, who led the blackout?

Black Out

Headaches, nausea, lack of sleep, excessive fatigue, were among the dozens of cases reported at Thampèreh’s main referral hospital after the village went for nearly a full moon circle without electricity and fuel. In Bomeh, one of the village’s central depots for waste and garbage, the site was packed with rotten food because freezers became more valuable to metal scrap collectors than cooling food. And for the first time in more than a century, no police station received reports of generator theft. There were no stolen generators because no one had use for them.

On social media and on the streets of Thampèreh, there were shouts of blackouts everywhere to the extent that dozens of Blacks came out. The kiti kiti kata kata of the large crowds of these Blacks out led to heads bam bam-ing against each other because it was too dark outside for them to see one another. They are among the majority who are currently undergoing treatment for severe headaches.

In Sarèh Thampèreh’s capital, the problem was so severe that even the moon couldn’t shine in the city due to a combination of the thick smoke deriving from massive pollution and the darkness. Along beach road, another kiti kiti kata kata for having no electricity made it impossible to chill with the big boys.

In Kambia, a thief took advantage of the power shortage and went out of his house to try stealing goats from his neighbours. But because outside was too dark, he unknowingly returned to his home, stole his only goat, and went into his neighbour’s house thinking it was his. He eventually woke up in the morning next to his neighbour’s wife. His neighbour reported him to Bai Farma, the Paramount Chief. They later charged him with adultery and attempted bribery because the thief offered to leave his goat with his neighbour, hoping they would settle the matter “as a family.”

In Port Loko, the Apprentice went to vote for the Palm Tree’s candidate for the representative in the People’s House, but it was so dark that he mistakenly dipped his thumb for the CoPPP candidate. His vote became the deciding vote that eventually swung the Bote Game 4 Beteh candidate’s winning in constituency 073.

In Kailahun, a man went to the filling station and attempted to suck fuel from a goose, but unlike blowing breeze into a bubu instrument, he ended up with swollen jaws.

Even Bo had a vast shortage of eggs.

Obsessed with the Red Sun, Queen Yidador-Ka blamed them for the fuel shortage, claiming they own all the energy stations in the village.

As the problem worsens, it is no longer a case of who can afford fuel but where to find it. The light and fuel crisis poses a major threat to Thampèreh’s livelihood. Even when the Lord said, “let there be light,” Thampèreh’s rulers continue to disobey the Lord’s commandment as they say no to His people.

And till this day, there’s been no explanation as to who led the blackout as the dogs continue to bark woo, woo, woo, woo.

SOURCEJaime Yaya Barry
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