The Latest Injunction against APC by Justice Adrian Fisher of the High Court of Sierra Leone

Ernest Bai Koroma

The Defendants (Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma the worst and most selfish Opposition Leader in the entire Africa, Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh the similarly ascribed Secretary General and the All Peoples Congress as currently HIJACKED), have all been IMMEDIATELY RESTRAINED from undertaking a lot of party activities.

The Injunction restrains them “whether by themselves, servants, agents, privies, workmen, officials, associates or howsoever called, from holding any conference, convention, meeting, rally or from taking part or organising any such conference, convention, meeting or rally geared towards nominating, proposing, selecting or electing any delegates and/or candidates into the party executive for the day to day running of the party, pending the hearing and determination of this application or further order of this court”

Ladies & Gentlemen, this Injunction is even WORSE than the one secured by the NRM last year.

And my understanding is that an avalanche of more and more court cases from various other directions are on their way against the failed Opposition Leader Ernest Bai Koroma, his handiman Osman Yansaneh and the APC as presently constituted after being hijacked.

😢😒The saddest part is that this state of suspension of the APC is actually what the first two Defendants want to happen. To my mind, the first two Defendants Ernest Koroma and Osman Yansaneh plus many others inside our party’s executive infrastructure, actually want the APC to remain in perpetual state of suspension until we get to and beyond the 2022/2023 Elections. I am categorical on this.

I have carefully studied the actions of these particular two men and many of the others in their hijacked APC executive infrastructure and I am firmly convinced on this in my mind.

I can be freely quoted.

Comrade Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR.
An upstanding and proud APC Party Member.

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