Yenga “Conflict” is not what you think. Says the Sierra Leone Army


A small delegation from Sierra Leone headed by an outstanding Brigadier says they have visited Yenga and actually crossed the border into the Guinean side and engaged Guinean army officers in what they described as a 5-hour civil conversation.No official statement has emerged from the conversation but the Brigadier in question, AB Conteh, says people should stop portraying the situation as if it is a rehearsal for war between Guinea and Sierra Leone. Nothing like that is the case and in fact, the Guinean soldiers welcomed them with open arms. The delegation also told our platform that people yenga and its environs are very shocked when they heard on social media that Guinean soldiers backed up by helicopter gunships and armoured personnel carriers have recaptured yenga.
The delegation insisted the government of Sierra Leone is taking all the necessary diplomatic steps to resolve the issue and people should stop spreading false rumour on social media

The crux of the problem, according to the delegation, emanated from a situation where a border pillar was moved for construction. The details of this conversation will soon be out but our understanding is that the removal of this pillar number 52 and its angling appears as a process in which the Guineans have encroached into yenga again.
But there are no border tensions and no Guinean troops deployed in a fighting position as the detractors will want you to believe.
Fellow Sierra Leoneans, social media has come with its merits and demerits.
Let’s learn to process information before accepting.
The government will inform the citizenry in the coming weeks about the status of the diplomatic steps they have taken.

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