Former President H.E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma & Alhaji Osman Yansaneh should just stop fooling themselves

Ernest Bai Koroma

By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR.

I have listened to an audio supposedly in defense of Former President H.E. Dr. Ernest Koroma and Former Ambassador Alhaji Osman Yansaneh in which I am cussed, most vilely, for supporting latest Court Injunction against them.

I am also cussed for saying Ernest Koroma and Osman Yansaneh should defend their actions as National Chairman/Leader and National Secretary-General respectively of our glorious All Peoples Congress (APC).

I have no regrets over my public support for the lawsuit filed by our APC strongman Alfred Peter Conteh. The whole world knows the role I have played to defend Ernest Koroma in the past but this time, I can no longer defend the indefensible.

The continued hijacking of the APC through flagrant illegality must end.

And let me remind Ernest Koroma and Osman Yansaneh that the Lawyer, Desmond Edwards Esq., who defended them 17 years ago when they were dragged to court is no longer the same man. Oh no!

Let them not believe they will be shielded this time by any legal arguments or gymnastics within the corridors of the Judiciary.

Ernest Koroma and Osman Yansaneh should stop fooling themselves and prepare to face the courts.

Please see below for a relevant story from Archives of Concord Times Newspaper published 17 years ago. I reproduce it by kind courtesy for the general public.
Ernest Koroma, Osman Yansaneh Absent in Court
By Regina Pratt (Concord Times)
Freetown, 2nd August 2004 — Ernest Koroma and Osman Yansaneh were absent in court last Friday July 30th 2004, before Magistrate Sam Margai at the Magistrate Court No.1, but counsel representing all the defendants, Desmond Edwards, said the duo did not receive their writs of summon.
Though the charges were not read in court, the nine APC stalwarts who were to appear before Magistrate Margai includes Ernest Koroma, Osman Yansaneh, Victor Foh, William Smith, Philipson Kamara, Dauda Kamara, Shaddrack Williams, Sannie Sesay and Victor Chukuma Johnson.
Defence counsel, Lawyer Desmond Edwards in his submission argued that the writs of summon was signed by a pupil lawyer, and adds that they were not served the writs and more over there was no affidavit of notice for the two defendants.
Counsel for the complainant, Dr. Bu Buaki Jabbie said the submissions made by Lawyer Edwards were very strictly premature. He accused some of the defendants of dodging the court, requesting the defence counsel to help ensure that his clients are in court.
“We would make efforts to serve the absent defendants the next adjournment”, Dr. Jabbie said.
Defence counsel Edwards applied for self-bail and Lawyer Jabbie said that the Magistrate should use his discretion on the terms of bail so that each defendant would be in court taking into account the nature of the charges.
The seven defendants who appeared in court were granted bail in the sum of Le20 million, and the matter was adjourned to Monday August 24 2004.
Some APC supporters outside the court brandished placards, some of which read, “Convention will decide who is who and what is what”, ‘we need a convention”, Goderich, York Youths need no court action”.

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