In These Walls Around Us.

SLL Audio Poems
SLL Audio Poems
In These Walls Around Us.

In These Walls Around Us.

A Poem by Jaime Yaya Barry

Thampèreh. Hot Day,
Sirens but Guns
Operations, Support, Divided
Cracks on Walls
In the Devil’s Hole
Stench is Raw
Torture till Dusk

Thampèreh. Cold Night,
Lightning and Thunder
Dogs Barking
Feet on Eggs
Bruises on the Back
Blood on Concrete
Head no longer Heavy

Thampèreh. Black Ropes,
Power like Samson
Scraped from the Skull
Blades and Snips
Rooftop with Snipers
Red loaded Syringe
Dizzy till eyes closed

Thampèreh. Sun Rising,
Heavy Rains
Flooded Streets
But Cloud …
Fill with Dust
Downpour still Sweating
Raindrops still tearing

Thampèreh. WAKE UP!
Bolt your Doors
Everyone Hide
They are Here
Strong and Tall
Enough is Enough
Can’t stop them Now

Thampèreh. These (Broken) Walls,
Sirens but Ambulances
Blood on Mud
Special Site Demolished
Holes on Walls
Array of Light
Free at Last

Thampèreh. LISTEN!
On the Hot Days
In the Cold Nights
With these Black Ropes
When you see the Sun Rising
Try to Wake Up
And move out of These (Broken) Walls

Move Now. Less They Fall On You. And Crush You.

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