Sierra Leone’s Political Roosters: Should Lead the Charge for Peaceful Elections

Sierra Leone's Political Roasters: Leading the Charge for Peaceful Elections
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Sierra Leone's Political Roosters: Should Lead the Charge for Peaceful Elections

By Bhai Dhawa Sesay

As the June 24 elections draw near, the spotlight falls on the leaders of the two major political parties in Sierra Leone: the All People’s Congress (APC) and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP). These leaders, who are like the head roosters in cockfighting, must use their skills to get their parties ready for the election battle and make sure that the battle stays within the law. The main goal is to make sure that voting goes smoothly and that they uphold democratic values in Sierra Leone.

The rooster is a fiercely competitive and territorial bird, well known for its role in cockfighting. For a rooster to win in the arena, it needs to be both physically and mentally strong. Similarly, the leaders of the APC and SLPP need to gather their resources and motivate their followers for the upcoming elections. However, unlike the sport of cockfighting, the political roosters in Sierra Leone must navigate their way to success while ensuring peace and stability throughout the nation.

In the red corner, representing the APC is a leader who has displayed determination and resilience in the face of adversity. His supporters like him because he has a strong commitment to social justice and fair growth. He has shown repeatedly that he can bring the party faithful together and keep them together, just like a head rooster commands respect from the other roosters.

In the green corner, representing the SLPP, is a leader who has shown an uncanny ability to adapt to changing political circumstances. This political rooster has shown that he knows a lot about how politics work in the country. This gives him the ability to make strategic alliances and outsmart his opponents. Because of his charisma and ability to speak well, he has won over a wide range of supporters. This has helped the SLPP stay a powerful force in Sierra Leonean politics.

Even though both leaders have the skills, they need to be successful in politics; it is important that they use their natural competitiveness in a way that promotes peace, unity, and the rule of law. To do this, they can learn from some key characteristics of the rooster, which can be helpful in preventing any fighting and ensuring a peaceful voting process.

Sierra Leone's Political Roasters- Leading the Charge for Peaceful Elections

Vigilance: Roosters are known for always keeping an eye on their surroundings to protect their home. The political leaders must keep a close eye on what their supporters and members of the other party do and act quickly to deal with any potential problems or violations of election laws.

Communication: Roosters use a variety of vocalizations to convey messages to their flock. In the same way, the leaders of both the APC and the SLPP must keep clear and open lines of communication with their supporters. They must stress how important it is to take part in the election process peacefully and condemn any kind of violence.

Courage: Roosters are fearless birds, willing to face danger head-on. The leaders of the APC and SLPP must exhibit courage in standing up against any attempts to undermine the democratic process, encouraging their supporters to do the same.

Discipline: In the world of cockfighting, a well-trained rooster knows when to fight and when to walk away. The political rivals must teach discipline to their supporters and make sure they know the limits of political competition and follow the laws that govern how elections are run.

As the countdown to the June 24 elections begins, the leaders of the APC and SLPP, like head roosters, must use their skills to prepare for the political fight ahead. By embodying the characteristics of a rooster and encouraging their supporters to do the same, they can help create an environment that is conducive to all.

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