25 Critical Questions on the Development of the Tourism Sector as Per the SLPP’s 2018 Manifesto

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25 Critical Questions on the Development of the Tourism Sector as Per the SLPP's 2018 Manifesto

25 Critical Questions on the Development of the Tourism Sector as Per the SLPP’s 2018 Manifesto

By the Sierra Leone Live Team

We welcome you to an important civic exercise. The growth and development of Sierra Leone’s tourism sector are significant components of our nation’s prosperity. In 2018, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) outlined their vision for the sector in their ‘New Direction’ manifesto. Today, we have compiled a set of 25 questions designed to provide a thorough assessment of the progress made in achieving these outlined objectives.

These questions, framed around the specific policy actions outlined in the manifesto, offer a unique opportunity for you, the citizens of Sierra Leone, to evaluate the performance of the SLPP. They are categorised into key areas such as Improving Policy and Legal Environment, Developing Historic Sites, Developing Infrastructure, Marketing Promotion and Image Improvement, Skills Development and Diversification of Tourism Product.

As you answer these “yes” or “no” questions, consider the extent to which each of these policy actions has been fulfilled based on your experiences and observations. This process isn’t just about accountability; it’s about shaping a shared vision for our nation’s future.

 Improving Policy and the Legal Environment

Manifesto Quote: “Review and upgrade all tourism-related laws, regulations, and policies to ensure consistency with regional and global best practices.”

  • Were all tourism-related laws, regulations, and policies reviewed and upgraded?
  • Was a master plan developed for the tourism sector in line with the revised laws and policies?
  • Was a Tourism Information Register (TIR) established?

Rehabilitating and Developing Historic and Cultural Sites

Manifesto Quote: “Prepare a rehabilitation plan for all strategic historic sites in Sierra Leone.”

  • Was a comprehensive rehabilitation plan prepared for all strategic historic sites in Sierra Leone?
  • Were public-private partnerships established to manage historic sites?

Developing Infrastructure

Manifesto Quote: “Designate tourist attraction areas and provide them with the needed infrastructure, including water, electricity, and communications.”

  • Were tourist attraction areas designated and provided with the needed infrastructure?
  • Were specific tourist infrastructures such as beach resorts, eco villages, and research camps developed?
  • Was the construction of a toll bridge facilitated to link Freetown and Lungi Airport?

Promoting Marketing and Improving International Image

Manifesto Quote: “Develop an improved web portal for tourism promotions.”

  • Was an improved web portal developed for tourism promotion?
  • Were international tourist activities participated in by Sierra Leone?
  • Were collaborations established with embassies and missions to showcase the tourist potential of Sierra Leone in the outside world?
  • Was an international PR firm contracted to promote the international image and showcase the tourist potential of Sierra Leone?

Developing Skills in Tourism

Manifesto Quote: “Conduct a Skills Audit of the Tourism Sector.”

  • Was a skills audit of the tourism sector conducted?
  • Was a manpower development plan prepared for the tourism sector?
  • Was the existing school for hotel management and tourism upgraded in terms of materials, equipment, and staffing?
  • Were higher education programmes for tourism introduced?
  • Was a public-private partnership promoted for tourism training?

Diversifying Tourism Products

Manifesto Quote: “Promote adventure tours such as safaris, jungle tours, and mountain trekking.”

  • Were adventure tours such as safaris, jungle tours, and mountain trekking promoted?
  • Was support extended to local entrepreneurs to promote tourism-based activities linked to the rural economy?
  • Was tourism linked with harvest seasons, wildlife, farming practices, art, culture, and religions?
  • Was local art promoted as a tourism product?
  • Were local farming practices highlighted in tourism efforts?
  • Were efforts made to promote local culture and religion in the tourism sector?
  • Was wildlife leveraged effectively for tourism?
  • Were local entrepreneurs supported in their tourism ventures?

These questions provide a comprehensive review of the SLPP’s commitments in their 2018 manifesto and to help the citizens of Sierra Leone assess the progress made.

We want to express our deepest gratitude for your involvement in this exercise. Your participation is vital to our shared democratic process and reflects the strength of our collective commitment to Sierra Leone’s growth and development. By engaging in this evaluation, you contribute significantly to our ongoing conversation about the future of tourism in Sierra Leone. Your voice, your perspective, and your insights truly matter. Thank you for taking the time to engage with these questions and for your continued commitment to our country.

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